Best Breasts of the 00's


After surviving Y2K, we were all ready for a little relaxation and nice racks. This playlist gathers together the best boobs of the 2000’s for your Y2Playing pleasure. Ludivine Sagnier shows off her tight tush, bush and world class rack when she gets into bed with a lucky guy in Water Drops on Burning Rocks (2000). Barbora Kodetova takes off her top then realizes she is being watched in Dune (2000). Sexy Monica Bellucci does a younger guy a solid by letting him undress her so he can enjoy her amazing can, and nice muff, in Malena (2000). Keira Knightley makes a guy’s day when she pulls her top down and flashes her small, but very pert pair in The Hole (2001). Shungiku Uchida lets a guy play with her nipples until she starts to lactate in Visitor Q (2001). Christina Ricci lets us get a good look at her fine boy and ample apples when she sits on the edge of the bed naked in Prozac Nation (2001). Giulia De Gresy laughs as a Nazi soldier rips her top off in front of a crowd, exposing her huge hangers in Black Angel (2002). Heather Graham lets us see all three B’s when she gets stripped down and banged hard in Killing Me Softly (2002). These ladies brought in the new millennium with their clothes off and their knockers out!


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