Best Butts of the 80's


Glorious hair, wild clothes, and hot pop music were all hallmarks of the 1980’s. We take it to the next level by putting together a playlist that shows off the hottest famous actress’s asses of the 80’s. Laura Gemser lets us see muff, milkers, and her tight ass when she walks into a room naked and talks to a guy in International Prostitution: Brigade Criminelle (1980). Bo Derek gets scrubbed down by a group of tribal women in Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981). All the ladies are nude and we get a nice view of Bo’s butt and boobs. Sylvia Kristel dances naked in the rain letting us see the boobs, butt, and bush in Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1981). Kim Cattrall flashes her lady garden and ass when she gets banged in the locker room in Porky’s (1982). It’s a pussy parade when Nastassja Kinski drops her clothes and walks around naked giving us all three B’s in Cat People (1982). In maybe the hottest shower ever, Phoebe Cates gives us some side boob and a long look at her glorious ass as she showers in a cave in Paradise (1982). These lovely ladies and their fine asses made the 80’s a decade to remember. 


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