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SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: The Handmaiden, Aria, & More! 3.28.17 The handmaiden lesbian 7cebcb3f featured

A recent Anatomy Award winner hits home video this week along with a gaggle of remastered classics on Blu-ray!... read more

Battle of the Babes: Kate Beckinsale vs. Elizabeth Hurley Battle of the babes kate elizabeth 5e5e8a9c featured

Welcome back to the Battle of the Babes, and boy do we have a matchup for you! The beautiful brunette Brits Kate Beckinsale and Elizabeth Hurley are so sexy it's kind of painful, and both have stripped down to show off their tight, flawless bods on screen. Check out their hottest moments and decide who wins this Battle!... read more

Elizabeth Hurley, 45: 'My Breasts Are Natural!' Compare Recent See-Throughs With Her Classic Nudes 7398 featured

Bosomy British glamor icon Elizabeth Hurley has publicly declared that her remarkably still-buoyant rack is of her own growing, and not the work of a plastic surgeon.
"I read that I've just had breast implants-happy to report still au naturel but I do wear exceptionally well cut bikinis...." the former girlfriend of professional blowjob-loving Hugh Grant tweeted on Monday.
The eternally fashionable actress and model, 45, was photographed traipsing about Spain last week, looking spry and sexy in a bikini that most 22-year-olds would be proud to pull off.
Previously in 2010, Liz went braless in a see-through sari that spectacularly proved that her stunning love balloons continue to defy gravity.
Small wonder, then, that rumors accuse Hurley having had breast implants, Botox and lip injections.
Check out the recent see-through paparazzi shots where bra-free Liz's lovely left boob is visible.
Then click "MORE" to compare her modern mammary to classic nudes of Liz's past.... read more

SKINcoming DVDs - July 1, 2008

Read Mr. Skin's skin-depth reviews of the hottest DVD releases for the week of July 1, 2008!... read more

Two Gemini Hall-of-Famers

Though painfully hot brunettes Gina Gershon and Elizabeth Hurley aren't twins, they are both sharing a birthday today (under the sign of Gemini) and both have earned a place in the coveted Mr. Skin Hall of Fame.

Gina burned her way into my heart with scorching sapphist-icated performances in a pair of movies nearly as sublime as her pair of boobies. The first is the role of bisexual Las Vegas dancing girl Cristal Connors in the masterful (and masturbateable) 1995 classic Showgirls. And the second is her portrayal of Corky, a Ms. Fix-it who's less interested in flushing pipes than cleaning carpets in the erotic thriller Bound (1996).

Liz hasn't gone lez, but she definitely got me playing with my piccolo way back in 1987 as Marietta in the operatic comedy-drama Aria. Then in 1995, Ms. Hurley had me in the unlikely position of wishing I were Soul Man C. Thomas Howell in Shameless, where she submitted to the E.T. star's sexual advances in a very topless fashion


It's not every day we get two Mr. Skin hall-of-famers sharing a birthday, so get out there and start whacking those pinatas!
... read more

Get Longy!

By Peter Landau

Writer Elmore Leonard penned some of his earliest novels while still working as a copywriter at an advertising agency. He kept his manuscripts in a desk drawer, with his hand stuck inside, writing unobserved. Judging by the randy subjects of his pants-boiling novels, it doesn't take a great imagination to guess where his other hand was.

Leonard first published western pulps in the '50s before moving on to the crime and mystery genre that made him famous. His stories hit the big screen with The Tall T (1957), and the screenwriting part of his career took off with The Moonshine War (1970). But his feisty tales of criminals and femme fatales, never lacking in the lustier side of literature, had already made a skinful debut in theaters prior to that.

... read more

Arousing Altman

By Peter Landau

On November 16 The Criterion Collection releases an extra-packed DVD edition of Robert Altman's Short Cuts (1993), the freewheeling director's take on the minimalist short stories of Raymond Carver. Criterion produces the Rolls Royce of DVDs, with pristine prints and more added value than any company outside of Blue Underground and Disney. And since Mr. Skin is the Rolls Royce of celebrity nudity, with Short Cuts being one of Altman's moist skinful productions, it's only fitting that we pause to examine the erotic side of Hollywood's iconoclastic helmsman.

Altman was riding his second wave of popularity by the time Short Cuts came out, hot on the heels of the Oscar-nominated Hollywood send-up The Player (1992). He suffered through a period of forgettable features for nearly two decades after the release of Nashville (1975), the last of his initial burst of swinging '60s creativity, ripe with swinging udders of free-loving hippie chicks. But even during those lean years, Altman threw his audiences a bone in the boner-inducing nakedness of actresses who couldn't keep their tops on for the great director.

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