I stand before you a humbled man. You see, every so often, I think to myself that Jennifer Lawrence, while hot, is not the hottest person in the world. Then Jennifer Lawrence takes a picture like this one from Vogue Magazine and I am reminded that she is, in fact, the single hottest person in this world.  

I know what I’m saying is a loaded statement and no doubt I will get some backlash for it, but you can’t deny how stunningly beautiful Jennifer Lawrence is. You might not think she’s the most beautiful person in the world, but she’s in your top ten, top five, and probably top two hottest people. And while she’s not fully nude in this one pic, she’s pretty darn close. I also believe that we are growing closer and closer to Jennifer Lawrence’s first legit on-screen topless scene. She’s just waiting for the right project and I know she will find it. On that day, we will all gather in the dark of a movie theater and witness Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs larger than life. Truly that will be a day that lives in world history, not just cinematic history.