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Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, and Lauren Hutton Make This Calvin Klein Ad A Masterpiece Rashida jones   calvin klein women spring 2017 d24d7d11 featured

It’s pretty hard to make a lingerie ad, be it a commercial or print ad, any better. It’s hot ladies wearing next to nothing, that is something we all want to gaze upon. But when you toss in Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, and the legendary Lauren Hutton in a Calvin Klein lingerie video and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. ... read more

SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Straight Outta Compton, & More 1.19.16 36512 web

Two skin-filled new releases and two remastered classics are sure to heat up your cold, cold January nights!

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SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: Lost in the Sun, Welcome to L.A., & More 12.1.15 20533 web

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have exhausted you, but there are still some treats and teats you'll want to check out on DVD & Blu-ray today!

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Movie 43 and More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 10.9.13 [PICS] 14160 web

The massive comedy anthology Movie 43 (2013) was panned by critics- but now it’s on Netflix- so if you don’t like the laughs just fast-forward to the skin! Check out the 33, 47, and 48-minute marks for the breast of iBabes Cathy Cliften and Cherina Monteniques Scott!

If you’re an Angelina Jolie fan, she’s got a low-range nip slip in the doctor drama Beyond Borders (2012), and Lauren Hutton is just one of the women lining up to strip down for Richard Gere in American Gigolo (1980). Silvana Gallardo and Robin Sherwood have to get naked and roughed up before Charles Bronson can get revenge in Death Wish II (1982), and Amanda Crew gives a much more playful performance as a pierced teen in Crazy Kind of Love (2013).

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Christine Colby: The Mr. Skin Skinterview [PICS] 11545 web

Christine Colby has your dream job. As the managing editor of Penthouse magazine, she spends her days overseeing the production of one of the world's most recognizable men's magazines...and yes, that includes checking out nude pics of those SKINfamous Penthouse Pets. Christine is just one of a surprisingly large-- and usually anonymous-- group of women working behind the scenes at men's magazines to bring you the naked entertainment you know and love.
Christine spoke to us from Penthouse HQ in New York City, where she reminisced about Penthouse's most under-appreciated celebrity centerfold, the biggest misconceptions people have about her job, and her dream celebrity pictorial (here's a hint).
SKINtrigued? Check out Skin Central's interview with Penthouse managing editor Christine Colby after the jump!
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Lauren Hutton Nude on Pilot for Manchild 3526 web

Sexy 64-Year Old Supermodel’s Skin Stuns Spectators

After Showtime filmed a pilot episode for their version of the popular BBC series Manchild back in 2007, they stuck it on the shelf and there it has remained. Until 4:15 am Eastern Standard Time this past Wednesday, that is.

The show, “a raunchy male version of Sex and the City” starring Kevin Smith, James Purefoy, John Colbett and Paul Hibb as a group of forty-year-old men in the throes of midlife crises along with a supportive cast of women taking their clothes off.
The pilot episode, which competed with infomercials about how to get rich in real estate in the night-owl slot Wednesday morning, featured the still-supple sweater stuffers of former Ford Modeling Agency superstar Lauren Hutton.

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