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Amber Rose Goes Pantsless, But Doesn't Show Off Her Ass 071786549 amberrosepic5 123 227lo f1599630 featured

Is This The Sexiest Amber Rose Pic Ever?... read more

#TBT Salvador Dali Did A Spread In Playboy Screen shot 2017 05 25 at 8 36 12 am ca693544 featured

Very Dali, But Also Very Sexy... read more

Ep. 43 of the Mr. Skin Podcast: Nude Emilia Clarke, Lusty Lesbians, and Killer Bush Podcast blogs05022017 7ae0e62b featured

It's been a skinsational week!... read more

'The Little Hours' Red Band Trailer Has A-List Nudity! Screen shot 2017 01 20 at 12 26 40 pm 0 51e2fba9 featured

This Is The Must See Movie Of 2017... read more

So Long 'Girls' and Thanks For All the Nudity Appleby girls 730807 infobox c2d0a56c featured

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To All This Nudity... read more

"Les Françaises" Might Be The Greatest Collection Of Nudes Ever Josephine de la baume by sonia sieff 01 bc1ee920 featured

Sonia Seiff Knows How Make A Nude Woman More Beautiful... read more

GIF Of The Week: Unsimulated Fingering - Always The Right Choice Fingering 451f870d featured

It's good to lend a helping hand.... read more

TV Nudity Report: Clique, Budding Prospects, Big Little Lies, And More 3.20.17 Rachel brosnahan 0d9a1f infobox copy 85fbb5b9 featured

Clique is proving to be truly Skinsational, while over on Amazon we get a rare and welcomed bush-only scene!... read more

It's St. Fap-trick's Day! Hottest Irish Actresses Nude Noone magdalene n 03 infobox 97113f76 featured

Today is St. Fap-trick's Day, which means it's time to check out the sexiest Irish actresses who have gone nude.... read more

Sorry, Rooney Mara Won't Be "Girl" in "Dragon Tattoo" Sequel Screen shot 2017 03 14 at 1 44 03 pm 5e8f4831 featured

Who Will Be The Next (And Nude) Lisbeth Salander?... read more

GIF Of The Week: Unsimulated Cunnilingus - The Real Deal Screen shot 2017 03 01 at 4 00 47 pm 0030a7ca featured

Who wants to go into acting?... read more

Christina Ricci Wanted a Smaller Merkin, Is Grateful for Full Frontal Christina ricci 603757 infobox 89732b3e featured

Another installment in "The Merkin Diaries."... read more

Taylor Frey's Frontal On Roadies Cut From Streaming (But We've Got It!) Taylor frey e6d91e infobox 86bf2151 featured

One of the most surprising (and sexy) full frontal shots of 2016 came from Taylor Frey on Roadies. But after some Skinvestigation, we've discovered that the scene has been completely wiped from all currently available viewing platforms of the show! That is, besides here at Mr. Skin, of course.... read more

Oyster Magazine Has Nothing to Do With Seafood, But a Lot to Do With Jemima Kirke Nude 0026193107030 02 tumblr odjzavzbts1r0f2jao1 1280 03c170d6 featured

With a name like Oyster Magazine, one might think it has something to do with seafood or ocean life or maybe even traveling, but nothing could be further from the truth. While I can’t say for sure what Oyster Magazine’s main focus is, they do have a pretty awesome spread featuring a completely nude Jemima Kirke.

... read more

Lena Dunham's Nudity On "Girls" Inspired Melanie Lynskey Nudity On "Togetherness" Melanie lynskey 1a74d4 infobox 21bab99e featured

It is not all that surprising to draw inspiration from someone in the same field as you. Athletes do it all the time, writers love other writers, and I’m sure there is someone in your workplace that you can draw inspiration from (I know I can). So, it didn’t come as much of a shock to me to find out that Melanie Lynskey drew motivation to shed her clothes in Togetherness from Lena Dunham and her continued nudity on Girls. ... read more

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