Tuned in For Cricket Scores, Got Anna Paquin's Boobs

If any of you happened to be watching the BBC news recently, you might have noticed some unauthorized skin on it. Now, we aren’t opening a new office in London or anything like that, there wasn’t actually a story about us, but someone in the BBC newsroom was watching nudie clips. The news media has been calling the clip in question "porn", but here at Skin Central, we immediately recognized the boobs of True Blood, and we might as well assume it was one of our clips!

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a job where we can browse through all the wonderful clips and pics on Mr. Skin. And having had other jobs not at Mr. Skin, I can totally understand the desire to head on over to the site and watch a couple of your favorite scenes to get some motivation to finish up the day. But I would do my best to do so in private, away from my fellow co-works. If you happen to work in say… a newsroom where TV cameras are pointed, perhaps you at least want to wait until the cameras aren’t rolling to watch one of the many awesome scenes from HBO’s True Blood. Yep, that person is checking out Anna Paquin’s boobs.  

We all understand, we all get it; sometimes you need some Mr. Skin in your day, but this is a case where you should probably check your surroundings before you start searching clips. Here's the clip, in all its uncensored glory:

UPDATE: Anna Paquin has acknowledged our glorious sleuthing skills.