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Top 10 SPARTACUS Scenes of All Time!


Sometimes it's good to be a slave, especially the revolting kind. Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011) get naked for their man in a les-be-threesome that has the male character ask the rhetorical question, "Has a man ever been so blessed?" We are called to ask a more skinful question: did Romans shave their pussy pubes into upside down triangles like Jaime shows? That, too, is a rhetorical question that needs no answer. Looks like it's lady's night as Lucy Lawless, Lesley-Ann Brandt and Laura Surrich in Spartacus (2010) spend some time slowly washing each other in the nude. The women aren't the only ones who bathe, Viva Bianca finds a boy in one of the tubs and proceeds to get fully nude and seduce him. She had us at fully nude. There were no rules back in the good old days, which is why Ellen Hollman joins another woman and a man in a tent to pitch a threesome. Ayse Tezel is just strolling around the campsite without any clothes on when she walks in on a master-slave sex thing going on. What to do but join them? Katrina Law is one of a line of nudie cuties all wearing masks, if you go that way. And why wouldn't you? Erin Cummings gets to do the star of the show and you'll be happy to watch her tits and ass, and be cummings yourself. Viva Bianca and a bevy of naked babes prove that there was more nudity in the good old days. Hail, naked ladies!


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