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TV Nudity Report: Clique, Budding Prospects, Big Little Lies, And More 3.20.17 Rachel brosnahan 0d9a1f infobox copy 85fbb5b9 featured

Clique is proving to be truly Skinsational, while over on Amazon we get a rare and welcomed bush-only scene!... read more

TV Nudity Report: Magic City, Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Girls [PICS] 11382 web

After a quiet couple of weeks, the rest of our boob tube regulars stepped back up to the plate this week, relieving some of the burden on Magic City's heavily-tanned shoulders. But does that mean Jessica Marais took a break from baring her magic titties? No way. Because she works hard...much like our own Mr. Skin. In a different sense, of course.

Also nude this week, Oona Chaplin continued a a MAMily tradition (her mom Geraldine Chaplin went full frontal in 1977's Welcome to LA) by making her nude debut with seat meat fit for a king on Game of Thrones. Oona is the granddaughter of legendary silent comedian Charlie Chaplin, but we must say we prefer her brand of slapstick.

Plus, Lena Dunham and her TV mom Becky Ann Baker continued their quest to film the most awkward sex scene of all time (they're getting close) on Girls, and Gina McKee flashed some defiant firecrotch in a bush-only scene on The Borgias.

More after the jump!... read more

Mr. Skin's Nude Movie Report: Something Borrowed and The Double Hour 8606 web

The first matinees of the Kate Hudson/Ginnifer Goodwin vehicle Something Borrowed haven't ended yet, but Mr. Skin's already got the rubdown on all the sexy scenes!

There's no nudes to be seen in this fluffy romantic comedy, but there are some sexy moments to fill your Kate Hudson spank bank during her pregnancy. In one scene, she bares her upper thigh in a sexy table dance, then a nude photograph of her appears framed on a wall (unfortunately she's covering her candy with her arm), and finally she wears a white shirt/shorts combo that doesn't conceal the teeny bikini underneath. Ginnfer Goodwin fans can look forward to a tasty, but all too brief, shot of side boob as she leaves her man's house the morning after. Can Mr. Skin borrow a kleenex?

In nudetastic limited release is Italian drama The Double Hour, which features double bush from jugulous Russian Kseniya Rappoport, who got nude and kinky in The Unknown Woman (2006). In one scene Kseniya, playing a Slovenian immigrant in a doomed lover affair with an ex-cop, is wearing her bra as she and her officer lover get it on in bed. When he gets up to leave, she uncrosses her legs for a super-rare bra-and-bush scene. Later in the film we see Kseniya's bush again when her panties get pulled down having sex against a wall. Double bush? Mr. Skin needs a couple hours alone.

Stay tuned right here on the Mr. Skin blog for all the theatrical nudes as they break!... read more

The Muff's Enough: Mr. Skin's Bush-Only Nude Scenes [PICS] 8558 web

Like the Gorgeted Puffleg, the endangered hummingbird only found in the cloud forests of Columbia's Serrania del Pinche, the bush-only nude scene is a rare and exotic beast. We had a brush with this elusive nude creature with this week's Blu-ray release of Betty Blue, and to celebrate we've got a new playlist of bush-only nude scenes!

Skindulge yourself with a heaping helping of hair pie after the jump!... read more

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